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Alasaala company for import foodstuffs and fruits established 18-11-2007 Christian, under commercial register No. 2588, Chamber of Commerce No. 4462, and license No. 53023, and despite the modern company but she was able to hire a number of companies specialized in the production and packaging of dry food and fruits in the world and enjoy quality products and uninterrupted high health.

The company has a fleet of cars equipped and diversified transport and distribution of food.

The company has a fleet of cars equipped with refrigerators or without in order to transport and distribute food to the location of the customer, whether offshore or inshore, in respect of oil companies.

As the company's store on Airport Road is equipped according to the specifications and technical health such as temperature, humidity and ventilation, which helps food store both depending on the nature, for the sake of the company that the product reaches the customer is in very good condition.

Our goal is to make sure there is a product of high quality both in terms of health or food standards in addition to the right price.

Our task to develop and strengthen ourselves and be always in a continuous improvement and development in performance and that always bear in mind the needs of customers and value of personal and work persistently daily strictly to follow the principles of ethical action. .

Our Policy

  • Offer a high level of services
  • providing the utmost safety.
  • Constant concern for innovation
  •


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We committed to introducing a system of quality management and food safety, and follow all that is new in the import of food and fruit to develop this system. As well as research to ensure that different sources of food from the global markets, taking into account safety, quality and best prices


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Our Experience


Our experience has grown through working in the import of food and fruits from various Arab and European countries.

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