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Imported food, fruit, and the supply of oil companies and their locations and industrial companies, construction and hotels.

Marketing of food products of various kinds.

Technical consultancy and feasibility study of the companies and factories and oil sites to identify their needs of food by the number of staff, and the nature of storage space and its suitability for storage, and is doing a timetable for the supply of food.

External sites in the city for both oil companies, or construction, the company is processing the space allocated for storage Moadalgmaiip those sites with the necessary equipment from refrigerators and racks and all it takes to Tjhazeen this store, so that fits with the nature of the food required to store it.

Periodic maintenance of equipment for oil storage sites and construction companies.

Our Policy

Offer a high level of services and types of food & fruit .

Keenness on providing the utmost safety.

Constant concern for innovation and follow-up to the new in our specialist.

Quick fix for any possible faced problems and opposes our level of service delivery.


Our Commitment

  • Application the system of administration of quality.
  • esearch to ensure different sources of food items.
  • improvement in the quality management system.
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Alasaala Company Ltd. been to excel their services, and through the commitment and good quality in performance, this company has earned the trust of many local actors and global contract with.

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Our experience has grown through working in the import of food and fruits from various Arab and European countries.

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