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To Customers


The company is committed to the application of the system of administration of quality and food safety, the company is pursuing all of what is new in the field of importation of food and fruits for the development of this system.

Research to ensure different sources of food items, both in the Arab and European markets, Asian, taking into account safety and quality and prices least.

Continuous improvement in the quality management system, food safety and operational performance and the way to reduce the cost of the service to increase competitiveness and expand market opportunities and customer satisfaction.

Recognize the wishes of the customer is always to make sure the capacity of services provided to meet their needs and expectations.

The application of an accurate system for the control of food safety in order to achieve specification requirements of local and global.

Development of skills of workers through continuous training and upgrading their performance.

Provide the conditions and services for the workers to increase their membership and cooperation in the implementation of quality systems and achieving the goals of quality and food safety.

The formulation of our goals on a regular basis and to consider the end of each goal the beginning of a new target.

Our Policy

  • Offer a high level of services
  • providing the utmost safety.
  • Constant concern for innovation
  •


The Clients


Alasaala Company Ltd. been to excel their services, and through the commitment and good quality in performance, this company has earned the trust of many local actors and global contract with.

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Our Experience


Our experience has grown through working in the import of food and fruits from various Arab and European countries.

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